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About The Acadiem Group

ASYLUM SOFTWARE INC was incorporated in 1998, to provide practical software solutions for the many and varied needs of today’s educators. With more than 150 years of collective teaching experience among its directors, The Acadiem Group (a division of Asylum Software Inc.) is able and dedicated to meeting the requirement of those who are on the front lines of modern education.

The Acadiem Group is committed to providing the best in inexpensive, user-friendly, software solutions for teachers, their students, principals, department heads and administrators.

The products of The Acadiem Group have been tested and retested in real-life situations and are continually refined and updated to provide the latest in functionality and ease of use. Asylum’s staff members are considered experts on assessment and evaluation practices and are in constant demand to provide lectures and seminars.

Our world famous MarkBook® program was developed over the course of more than 30 years to provide the best class management product available. MarkBook® is easy to use, very adaptable and provides a host of functions that are essential to educators. MarkBook® is a sophisticated data based program that is not confined to spreadsheet restrictions and is capable of operating with most existing SIS systems.

“When it comes to the world of Class Management and Educational Software, The Acadiem Group is the leader!”