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The latest version of MarkBook with the classic interface. This version is installed as a standard Windows application and data is stored locally. Cloud storage provides a convenient method for transferring your data from one computer to another.

Each version of MarkBook uses a unique file structure to optimize efficiency for the host platform. However, data can be transferred from one edition to another.

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Support Documents

  • Quick Start Guide – Step-by-step guide to get you going as quickly as possible with MarkBook Windows Edition.
  • Reference Manual – An in-depth examination of the many features of MarkBook Windows Edition, filled with numerous screen shots.
  • Using Mark Sets – Organize any class that is multi-subject, multi-term, multi-strand and/or has a variable roster among subjects.
  • Print Samples – Sample class management forms, unit plans, lesson plans, a course description form, paper reports, etc.
  • Course Descriptions – Describes the construction and publishing of course description documents.
  • Planner Manual – Socuments construction of lesson plans, unit plans and course descriptions.
  • Rubric Builder

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4. Creating Classes 8. Entering & Managing Marks
5. Class Management Forms 9. Learning Analytics & Communication