The Acadiem Group, designers and developers of MarkBook® – Canada's most recognized class management software – is proud to announce the launch of MarkBook®Web, designed to Ontario Assessment Standards (but flexible for all jurisdictions), is a leading edge, online application for all browsers.

MarkBook® Windows Edition

MarkBook® Windows Edition is flexible and user-friendly. Parents, students, administrators and teachers all agree that MarkBook® improves student achievement and increases student success through enhanced communication and personalized feedback for students to understand their progress.

Also available as MarkBook® CY for the January to December school year.

MarkBook® Mac Edition

MarkBook® Mac Edition provides all the same great features as the Windows version, but on the Mac platform. MarkBook® Mac Edition may be used for either a "January to December" or a "September to June" school year.

MarkBook® iOS Edition

The power of MarkBook® iOS Edition is available to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users in an easy, new application specifically geared for all educators and designed to give you access to all your class assessments and evaluation needs.

MarkBook® Admin Edition

The power of MarkBook® Admin Edition makes the features and reports of MarkBook® available to department heads, counsellors and senior administrators on a school-wide basis.